Why You Should Never Wash Your Face with Hot Water

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Water is like the most basic skin care ingredient possible. You literally can’t not use it. However, do you use it right?

You probably know that warm water opens pores, which is why you should use warm water to wash your face before or during your skin care routine. That might lead you to the idea that hot water opens your pores even more, thus making your cleansing even more effective.


Hot water actually dries out your skin and even damages it. Lukewarm water is the hottest you should go. If it’s uncomfortably warm for your hands, it’s definitely too hot for your way more sensitive face. Also, warm water doesn’t really open your pores that much. It’s still debated if it even opens them at all, or if it’s all just a myth. Either way, lukewarm water is the way to go.

There’s also claims on the Internet that cold water, ice cold water even, helps your skin by increasing blood flow and closing pores, which sounds great to prevent any dirt from entering them after your routine. However, this, too, is not accurate. Icy water can indeed improve blood flow, but is actually bad for your skin.


So it’s actually pretty simple. Always keep your water at room temperature when washing your face.


The same applies when showering. When you wash your hair, make sure to not use too hot or too cold water. Not only because you will get some on your face, but you hair and scalp doesn’t like hot or cold water, either.

If you are like me and like long, hot showers, you need to be careful with your skin. The shower’s water stream hits my back when I’m under the shower, which results in my upper back being dry and irritated after a shower. Make sure to watch out for such symptoms and ideally don’t shower hot for too long. Use moisturizers or body lotions if you notice such issues.


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