Get It Done: New Book Out Now

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Are you tired of always procrastinating and never getting anything done?

Get It Done

It doesn’t have to be this way. Life can be easy.

It doesn’t matter if you are struggling with household chores, can’t find the motivation to study for finals, if you try and fail every year to get that summer body or if you want to build a billion-dollar-business.

You are struggling because your brain is working against you – but now it’s time to make it work for you! You will be able to turn impossible tasks into a simple checklist, turn a streak of bad days into success, stick to any plan and change your life in ways you didn’t think possible.

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Here’s what you will discover:

    • Why you really struggle with motivation
    • Why you just can’t seem to get something done
    • Why you always seem to give up at some point
    • How you can create almost endless motivation whenever you need it
    • How you can finish annoying tasks with ease, almost enjoying it even
    • How to write an essay on quantum physics in an evening – even if you suck at physics (note: you absolutely don’t have to – but now you can!)
    • How to never run out of steam and stick to your plans
    • How to get anything done and finally achieve everything you want in life
    • I can’t promise you that you actually will achieve everything, get rich, live happily-ever-after and all that.


But I can promise you, that you will discover a whole new side of you, one that actually gets things done.

Here’s what this is NOT:

    • “One simple trick” – No, this stuff really works, on a psychologial level.
    • “Just create a to-do-list” – No, it’s not that simple. You probably know that by now
    • All woo-woo with no practical advice – No, this book is FULL of practical advice, actually!
    • Stroking my own ego – I did not write this book to tell you how great I am (I’m just like you, actually), every page is full of how I can help YOU succeed


Does that sound good to you? Are you ready to get things done, get rid of procrastination, live happily and guilt-free and become a productivity rockstar?

Get the book here.

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