Don’t Pick On Your Skin. Stop. Really.

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Picking – we know it’s bad for us, but we just can’t stop. The struggle is real. What you need are two things: a way to deal with those annoying pimples and whiteheads, and a whole lot of willpower.

Find a good spot treatment to use whenever you break out instead of trying to remove pimples by picking. We should know by now that it never actually helps and usually just makes matters worse. But it’s just too damn satisfying.

Instead of trying to ignore that ugly pimple on your forehead, treat it with a spot treatment. Whenever you get the urge to pick, remind yourself that you have already treated it and the picking will only make it worse.


Picking damages your skin, causes ugly scars and spreads bacteria on your face, causing more breakouts. Don’t do it, for real.


If, for whatever reason, you end up picking your skin, make sure to do it with absolutely clean hands and properly clean your face afterward. Otherwise, you will spread bacteria, causing even more breakouts. No thank you, one was bad enough.


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Don't Pick On Your Skin. Stop. Really. -

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