Are You Switching Your Skin Care Products Too Often?

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If you are like most people with a bit of a passion for beautiful skin, you will know the exciting feeling of finding an amazing new skincare product. Maybe you tried it from a friend, or maybe you found out about the latest Korean skincare hype and just had to order that super cute new essence.

Trying out new product is fine, but if you constantly switch products with no consistency, don’t expect consistent results. If you try a product for a few days and then you switch because it didn’t work, you didn’t even give it a real chance. You have to give it more time to really have an effect. (Unless you had a negative reaction, like breakouts and irritation. Then you should immediately stop using it.)


You should give each product at least one to two weeks before you judge its effectiveness.


Especially if you try to treat large pores, acne or acne scars, wrinkles, or other blemishes – those take a lot of time to heal, so give the product the time it needs to work its magic. Switching products too much can cause irritation for your skin and make it almost impossible to get consistent, smooth skin.


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Are You Switching Your Skin Care Products Too Often -

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