Are You Overusing Your Skin Care Products?

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Sometimes, less is more. Sometimes, more is more. In skin care, the right amount is best.

Using too little moisturizer will not protect your skin enough from the sun and from drying out. Using too much will clog your pores and cause breakouts. Too much exfoliation will ruin your skin’s protective barriers and strip it from all healthy oils. Not enough exfoliation, and your pores will clog with oil and dead skin cells.

I think you get where I’m going with this. No matter how great a product is, using more than recommended won’t get you better results, but worse.

Especially with active ingredients and acids, it’s better to start slowly and infrequently, and then work your way up. Using a 30% AHA serum daily when you’ve never used AHA before will completely destroy your skin and cause massive irritations. Start with gentler products and only increase the strength if your skin doesn’t complain.


Using more or less of a product than recommended will get you worse results. Follow the recommendations and listen to your skin.


There are exceptions to this rule. A new trend in Korea is a 7-step toning process, where 7 layers of toner are applied to your skin. This pumps it full of hydrating ingredients and makes it soft and moist. However, this only works because it’s the right products for such a process. You can’t do that with any product. But whatever you do, listen to your skin. It will tell you if you are overusing a product with irritation, redness, drying out or excessive oiliness.


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Are You Overusing Your Skin Care Products? -

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